04 August 2010

ASIA@RMIT seminar

A presentation by Margaret Heffernan and Dr Julie Roberts

RMIT College of Business is pleased to invite you to the third Asia@RMIT seminar for 2010.

The monthly seminar series aims to bring together students and staff from various disciplines University wide, to discuss research being undertaken with a focus on Asia.

Margaret Heffernan, Lecturer,School of Management, RMIT Business

Chinese-Australians and cross cultural communication challenges in delivering sensitive health policy messages

Successful implementation and uptake of the HPV vaccine in multicultural nations is complex and challenging. In order for there to be widespread uptake of the HPV vaccine, culturally relevant education strategies are needed. This requires understanding the role of culture and diversity of attitudes, social norms and experiences. Challenges facing education and uptake of HPV vaccine vary, reflecting the nature of cultural diversity.

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Dr Julie Roberts, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives Teaching and Learning Unit, RMIT University

Working with cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary teams in Vietnam”

In 2009 and 2010 teams of students from both RMIT's Melbourne and Saigon South campuses undertook a number of real life projects in Vietnam. Working with NPO and NGO's, students were involved in a diverse range of activities, from helping an orphanage turn a water bottling plant into an income generating business, to designing a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit for the New Women and Children's Hospital in Da Nang.

The projects, as well as providing invaluable outcomes for our project partners, enabled students to participate in what many of them describe as, 'an experience of a life-time'. Not only are the students able to apply their discipline skills and knowledge to a real life project, they learn also how to plan, manage, implement, and bring to completion a complex project; as well as how to work effectively in a interdisciplinary, cross cultural team - in a foreign country (for most of them) - in "hot-house" conditions (the projects must be completed in two weeks in-country). The complexity of this undertaken is deepened by the fact that much of the preliminary research and preparation needs to be done whilst the students live in two different countries.

Having established these projects, and now looking toward capacity building, Dr Roberts explores the research opportunities for this work. In this presentation she invites feedback, comments and critique of how to best approach developing research projects from these hands-on, real life student-led projects.

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ASIA@RMIT seminar






12.30 - 1.30 pm (light lunch will be served from 12.15 pm)


RMIT Building 108, Level 15, Room 57 Board Room


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