07 May 2010

ASIA@RMIT seminar

A presentation by Professor Fang Lee Cooke, Dr Yasothara Nadarajah and Dr Martin Mulligan.

RMIT College of Business is pleased to invite you to the third Asia@RMIT seminar for 2010.

The monthly seminar series aims to bring together students and staff from various disciplines University wide, to discuss research being undertaken with a focus on Asia.

Professor Fang Lee Cooke, School of Management, RMIT

Labour market inequality in China

Inequality is a universal characteristic in labour markets, albeit the forms of and reasons for inequality may differ across nations and in times within the nation. Variations may further occur across administrative regions within the same country due to diverse economic opportunities and local policy regulations. In this paper, Dr Cooke identifies the major groups of disadvantaged workers and the ways in which they may be disadvantaged. She also examines the role of the state, the trade unions and employer strategy in relation to the arguably growing labour market inequality..

View Professor Fang Lee Cooke’s presentation (MS PowerPoint 514Kb)

Dr Yasothara Nadarajah, Senior Research Fellow, Global Studies, Social Science & Planning RMIT and Dr Martin Mulligan, Senior Research Fellow, Global Studies, Social Science & Planning RMIT

Post-Tsunami rebuilding of communities in Sri Lanka and India

Although there have been many serious natural disasters in the world since 2004, the Indian Ocean tsunami remains the most devastating in terms of the numbers of towns and communities that were devastated, in countries ranging from Indonesia to Sri Lanka and India. Martin Mulligan and Yaso Nadarajah have recently completed an ARC linkage study undertaken on what can be learnt about the post-disaster rebuilding of viable and inclusive communities from the tsunami experience in Sri Lanka and India. While the study found that international aid agencies often made things worse rather than better, there were some examples of good practice that need to be understood better. The study, which was conducted in five tsunami-affected areas of Sri Lanka and southern India, has been submitted to AusAID..

View Dr Yasothara Nadarajah’s presentation (MS PowerPoint 34Mb)

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ASIA@RMIT seminar






12.30 - 1.30 pm (light lunch will be served from 12.15 pm)


RMIT Building 108, Level 15, Room 57 Board Room


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