20 March 2009

ASIA@RMIT seminar

Dr. Mazharul Islam: “Sustainable procurement in the public and private sector - a case study in Malaysia” and Dr Catherine Gomes: “Keeping memories alive: Maintaining Singapore nationalism abroad”.

The RMIT College of Business is pleased to invite you to the next ASIA@RMIT seminar.

Dr. Mazharul Islam, School of Management

"Sustainable procurement in the public and private sector - a case study in Malaysia"

This presentation discusses a study exploring the nature and extent of current sustainable procurement practices, as well as barriers and opportunities for implementing such practices, in Malaysian organizations, in both public and private industry contexts.

Analysis of the data uncovered three major findings. Firstly Malaysian organizations emphasis some dimensions of sustainable procurement that contradict the results from similar studies in other more developed countries. Secondly, the study finds significant variation between public and private organizations in their sustainable procurement practices. Finally, in both the public and private sector, financial pressures posed the most significant barrier, whilst issues of organizational efficiency and transparency provided optimal opportunities for implementing sustainable procurement practices.

View Dr. Mazharul Islam’s presentation (MS PowerPoint 790Kb)

Dr Catherine Gomes, School of Applied Communication

"Keeping memories alive: Maintaining Singapore nationalism abroad"

Singapore uses active remembering of its heritage to instill in its citizens a sense of nationhood. While this is not an uncommon feature of any national agenda, Singapore - concerned with a declining local skilled workforce as a result of emigration - uses memory as a means to promote and maintain nationalism among its citizens abroad. The practice of remembering is aided by inventive and sometimes well funded government initiatives such as the annual Singapore Day event.

View Dr Catherine Gomes’s presentation (MS PowerPoint 13.5Mb)

Event Details


ASIA@RMIT seminar


Dr. Mazharul Islam and Dr Catherine Gomes




12.30 - 1.30 pm (light lunch will be served from 12.15 pm)


RMIT Building 108, Level 15, Room 57, Board Room


wasana.weeraratne@rmit.edu.au by Monday 6 July 2009

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