14 March 2012

Regression models for survey and time series data

Regression type models exist for many modelling situations, this seminar/workshop provides an introduction to these. It will cover three areas: types of data, types of variables and appropriate regression models for combinations of these two (eg regression models for ordered data from a survey, for continuous data from a longitudinal survey and for time series data). The session is intended to be interactive and participants are expected to be prepared to discuss their own research topic(s), the data and the variables to be used.

Event Details


Regression models for survey and time series data.


Prof Tim Fry




5.30 pm - 8.30 pm


RMIT University, Building 13, Level 3, Room 7 (Corner Russell Street and Victoria Street, Melbourne)


Please email Siddhi Pittayachawan on siddhi.pittayachawan@rmit.edu.au.

Please note…

This seminar is compulsory for all new Research Method Students. This seminar is also open for all existing HDRS, ECRs and any academic staff who want to refresh or learn new research techniques and methods as part of their academic development. Due to limited space, registration is compulsory.

About the Speaker

Professor Tim Fry

Tim specializes in the analysis of cross section and longitudinal survey data, market modelling, measuring advertising effectiveness and discrete choice modelling. He has published research reports and a large number of research papers in a wide range of international journals covering the economics, marketing, transportation, sociology and law fields. Tim has just commenced work on an Australian Research Council Discovery Project – his fourth since joining RMIT in 2003.

Further details

For further information contact Siddhi Pittayachawan at siddhi.pittayachawan@rmit.edu.au.

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